Customer Service

Here at United Textile Inc. we want to keep our customers informed. We have a 5-star detailed customer service policy we abide by. We keep an open relationship with all of our clientele. Both wholesale and end users get special treatment and match pricing opportunities. We do our best to include answers to frequently asked questions in our listings to help avoid routine inquiries. Reaching customer service via e-mail our clients receive prompt responses within the working day in order to further our business operations. We love to be busy!


When it comes to business and Innovation consumers need to be educated on what they’re consuming. Education, Compress, Converting, Recycling, 70% Landfills, Icons, Packaging, Safety Products full line, Quality assurance and metal Detection, Administrative board who strives to pioneer the rag business. We pride ourselves on customer service.

Executive Board

Our Executives act on behalf of our entire team. They develop programs that enhance our quality control, business outreach, and guide our workforce to excel in operations. Executives here at United Textile Inc. empower a sales force to expand and build a foundation for every industry that uses rags. Our Executive Board uses strategic planning to proactively analyze current trends and uses for wiping materials. Furthermore, with great leadership creates a great team willing to accomplish goals!