The Mission Continues

Here at United Textile Inc. we create innovative solutions in cleaning products for your everyday use. We specialize in customer service-creating a quality relationship with all of our clientele.  It is our life long mission to educate our customers by providing the best items and solutions for their clean up situation. United Textile Inc. has been trusted by thousands for many years. From wholesale to end users we take care of everyone! We have grown into one of the world’s largest manufacturers and distributors of quality wiping products as well as many other industrial related items such as safety equipment, sorbent pads , various gloves and coveralls for any work related applications.  We enjoy a long standing reputation for integrity, professionalism, and excellent customer service representation. With several decades of experience in business we are forever evolving our inventory. We’re an in house manufacturer with a wide variety of products. We ship worldwide and produce custom finishing along with private labeling. We specialize in custom and private labeling. United Textile Inc. is apart of the Sandler Group who has proudly led the wiping industry by providing over 200 woven products.