Burlap Bags

We have two select sizes of Burlap Bags. 22″x36″ and 14″x26. Our high quality all natural eco-friendly Burlap bags can be used for a variety of projects and applications. Completely biodegradable and made out of strong, natural jute fibers. All of our bags are manufactured using only 7 oz burlap fabric.

Size: 14″x26″


Size: 22″x36″


Bale Qty: 1,000 pcs


HEF Bags

HEF Bags are great for keeping any product you want to keep safe during transportation, while protecting against scratches.  They work very well in general industrial applications because of their LOW lint, Excellent Strength, and Absorbency.  Our HEF comes in Apertured and Smooth, as well as White in color.  Ideal for Electronic, Computer, Aerospace. Right choice for Critical Scratch resistant applications. 


Unlimited quantities.


Protection from scratches


Custom to sizing.


Poly Sandbags

Poly sand bags are ideally used for protection again flooding and erosion but these sandbags, at 18″ x 26″, and weight capacity of up to 40 lbs are also perfect for storage, adding extra weight in your vehicle during winter storms, and various other recreational, home, and farm uses. These poly sand bags are constructed of durable, weather and UVA resistant woven polypropylene, creating a strong puncture and tear resistant bag that will be perfect for your hurricane or winter weather preparation.

Size: 14″x26″


Custom Sizing


Bale Qty: 1,000 pcs