Our Delivery Operations **

United Textile Inc. provides logistic services throughout all San Diego County and the West Coast region. Whether it involves general delivery or supply chain solutions, or warehousing and distribution our company has years of experience in this industry. We have created a network of associates across the country, with our many strategic branch locations throughout the west. This helps us provide a safe, reliable, economical and customized logistic solutions to all our clients and business partners.

Our logistic teams consist of many employees who specialize in the pre-loading of cargoes to post-delivery. We personally take pride in the care and processing of logistic transports. We use authorized, insured and licensed logistic service providers, who have over the years, not only gained a credible market reputation, but has also been able to win the hearts of hundreds of our long standing client base. It is this mutually benefiting service that we aim to provide to our clients, which has helped us become one of the most reliable service providers in the nation.


We ship worldwide! At the opposite end of the spectrum we also have will call if you're located locally. We have multiple outside carriers which we have developed a great relationship with in order to better serve shipping needs. We have multiple locations throughout the United States to address any shipping campaign. Here at United Textile Inc. we ship as quickly as possible. From the time our clientele orders their product we want to meet shipping times of 3 days or less. We ship internationally. We also offer suggestions on savings when it comes to shipping. Our customer relations rely heavily on creating suitable options for getting our products in your hands. Customer service when it comes to shipping is a reassurance we implement with all clientele. The ability to track your orders is an option of yours here at United Textile Inc. We stand by our quality products 100%.

Our packaging systems. We use recycled boxes, polypacks, new packaging, and offer the opportunity of private labeling.